CyberGhost VPN Mod APK 2024 v8.12.0.2089 [Premium Unlocked, No Ads]

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CyberGhost VPN Mod APK [Premium/Pro Unlocked, Latest Version] is in the list of top 10 best VPNs on the internet because of its unique and classy features. Although we can see multiple VPN Apps CyberGhost APK is unmatchable and used by millions of people around the globe.

Name Cyberghost VPN Mod APK
Requirements Android 5.0 and Up
Price Free
Updated On 2 Days Ago
Size  32 MB
Developed By Cyberghost SA
Mod Features
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Automatic Update
  • Free to Use

CyberGhost VPN Mod APK Fully Unlocked

Cyberghost VPN Mod APK is a free service that allows users to access the internet from anywhere in the world. It is a great tool for those who want to travel but do not have access to high-speed Wi-Fi networks.

The best thing about Cyberghost VPN Mod APK is that it allows users to connect through different locations without slowing down their connection speed. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to connect while traveling, then this app is perfect for you besides Potato VPN.

Features of CyberGhost VPN Mod APK

CyberGhost VPN Mod APK has many advantages over other apps because it offers a wide range of features that are equally best to OXP VPN Mod APK. The following are some noticeable features of this app.

Automatic Update

The app automatically updates itself when new versions are available online. This makes it easy for users to access their favorite websites without having to wait for any updates or downloads.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The app allows users unlimited bandwidth so they can stream videos and download files without worrying about running out of storage space on their device or computer.


Free to Use

CyberGhost VPN Mod APK can be used for many different reasons, but one of the main reasons it’s so popular is that it’s free. This means that hackers cannot access your data and steal it. With the CyberGhost VPN Mod APK, you can access Netflix, Hulu, and other popular streaming sites without paying expensive subscription fees.

No Logs Policy

Cyberghost VPN Mod APK has the most secure and reliable networks in the industry. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to keep their data private and secure. The app is also very easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge, which makes it ideal for those who want an app that is easy to use.

Speed Test

The speeds on Cyberghost VPN Mod APK are among the fastest in the market today. This can be attributed to the fact that they have a network of servers that they set up themselves. You can check out their speed test here, which will give you a good idea of how fast your connection will be when using this app.


Encryption is one of the best features offered by this app. You can use this feature to encrypt all your traffic, whether it is web browsing or emails. The encryption will ensure that nobody can see what you are doing online even if they have access to your device.

Servers are Located All Over the World

Another advantage of Cyberghost VPN Mod APK is its servers are located all over the world. So you can choose a server that is close to your location and connect to it with just one click.

Safe Connections

This app also offers you a safe connection, which means that your data will be encrypted before it goes through the network connection. This ensures that your personal information remains private and secure while you use this application.

Mobile Protection

The best part about this app is that it provides mobile protection to its users. This means that your device will be protected against viruses and malware attacks while in use on Wi-Fi networks.

Easy to Use Interface

Cyberghost VPN Mod APK has an easy-to-use interface that makes it ideal for beginners who want to get started with using the app right away. This means that even people who do not know much about computers or technology can easily use this software because they only need to follow a few steps to get started with using the program.


Websites and Apps Unlocked

Cyberghost VPN Mod APK offers a free trial, which allows you to use the app for up to three days without paying anything. This is a great feature because it allows you to try the app before making a purchase. With this feature, you will be able to test the performance of the service and see if it works well for your needs.

Free Trial  

Cyberghost VPN Mod APK allows users to try the service before they make any payment by offering them free trial periods of up to 7 days with no restrictions on the number of devices used or internet speeds. The only limitation is that users will not be able to access premium features during their free trials which makes it easier for them to determine if this service meets their needs.

24/7 Support

You can contact us via email, chat, or phone if you need assistance with our app or if you have any questions regarding the use of our app. We offer round-the-clock support so that we can always assist you.

About Cyberghost VPN APK

CyberGhost VPN APK is the best alternative for installing this app on your smartphone or PC when you are unable to install this app from Google Play or the App Store. It has all the features similar to the original app and you will get the same quality results after installation of this app. So, give it a try right now and share your experience with us.

Cyberghost VPN Mod APK Download Guide

Follow the below steps to install the CyberGhost VPN App on your Smartphone or your PC:

  • First, click on the download button at the top of the post to go to the download page
  • Now, download the Mod APK file on your phone from this page
  • When the download is completed, you must enable the unknown sources from the settings of your phone otherwise Mod APK file will not be installed
  • After this, tap on the downloaded file to start the installation and wait for installation completion
  • When the installation is completed, you are free to use the app

That’s all about the Cyberghost VPN Mod APK installation for Android and if you want to Download Cyberghost VPN Mod APK for PC, then install any android emulator on your PC. After this, install this Mod APK file with it and enjoy the features free.


Common FAQs of Cyberghost VPN Mod APK

Is Cyberghost VPN Mod APK safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use this app on your Android devices. This app is made by an official team that provides the best service for its users. You can easily access the US and UK servers in the app without any problem.

Can I access TV Shows, Movies, and Sports while using this app?

Yes, you can access all these services while using this VPN Mod APK on your Android devices. TV shows, movies, and sports are always blocked due to geo-restriction in different countries but now you can easily watch them without any restriction through this app.

How much time does it take to connect me to the US server?

It takes only 1 minute to connect you with a US server through Cyberghost VPN Mod APK but if you want to connect with a UK server then it will take about 3 minutes longer than other servers which means that it is quite fast as well as reliable for watching movies or sports live streaming from anywhere around the world.

How do I Download Cyberghost VPN Mod APK?

You can download the latest version of this app by clicking on the download button below. The process will take less than one minute.

Can I use Cyberghost VPN Mod APK on my Windows or Mac computer?

You can use this application on both Windows and Mac computers. You will get the same level of protection for both platforms.

What is the difference between Cyberghost VPN Lite and Premium?

Cyberghost VPN Lite is a free version of our VPN service, which allows you to protect your privacy online and bypass the restrictions of your ISP. It doesn’t have all the features of our premium VPN app, but it is enough for most users. Also, it supports all Android devices from 4.0 and up.

What are the benefits of using CyberGhost VPN Lite?

Using CyberGhost VPN Lite will help you unblock YouTube, browse websites anonymously, and protect your internet traffic from hackers and other cyber criminals while on public Wi-Fi hotspots. It also provides you with a secure connection when using public Wi-Fi networks like cafes or hotels.


In conclusion, CyberGhost VPN Mod APK is suitable for just about any online activity that you could be into on the Internet. We recommend this as a good VPN service because it offers great privacy and security, along with simple and easy-to-use software, great customer care, and affordable pricing plans.

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